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Epice Bouquet evokes the return of spring and sunny days. The colors stand out in a multitude of flowers. Created in 2010, this beautiful scarf is regularly enriched with new color variations.

Play on COLORS

To create our stole, we used a maximum of 11 colors. For printing, Epice chose the manual serigraphy. This artisanal process is very complex because each color requires a different screen.

For this model, we use 11 different screens. Our printers realize here an exceptional work.

PLAY on fabrics

The weaving is done manually by master weavers. Weaving which is different depending on the composition of fabrics. Epice Bouquet exists in three variants.

A first large cotton model. The vertical openwork weaving gives lightness and transparency to the scarf.

The second model is a cotton and linen blend stole. The color tones are brighter on this fabric.

The third model is a bandana printed on a beautiful muslin quality of cotton .

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